Our Team

Our psychotherapists bring a range of expertise to our strengths-based, relational approach.

With training and experience that spans addiction, art therapy, eating disorders, gender identity, mood disorders, sex therapy, somatic-based psychology and beyond, each LLPW psychotherapist contributes a unique perspective to our, varied therapy methods. It’s that range of experience that helps our clients benefit from treatment that’s as unique as they are.

Will Bohnen,

We all need help from time to time. If this is you, you don’t need to do this alone. I will help you to figure out what isn’t working effectively in your life and together we can work to restore your quality of life.

Andrew Braum,

You are the expert of your life experience and I will collaborate with you to create a life with a greater sense of authenticity and fulfillment.

Eleni Ayo Caros,

I am happy to offer therapeutic services for individuals, couples, and families struggling with a variety of relational and mental health issues.

Amy DiGennaro,

I am an artist and therapist who can help you create the life you want using creative expression.

Dina Elias,

Whether you’re struggling with a life transitions, grief, loss, depression, anxiety or relationships issues, as your therapist I’ll create a nonjudgmental, supportive, and authentic therapy experience to foster change and growth.

Julia Fox,

My approach to therapy places a large emphasis on the mind and body connection, as well as the therapeutic relationship.

Kay Guidarelli,

There is always something new to learn and I embrace this sentiment fully in my practice. I enjoy working with clients of all ages along with their families and support systems.

Charles Kaltenberg,

My approach to therapy is meeting the client where they are at, which means truly listening to the client’s needs and desires for creating a collaborative treatment plan.

Xochitl Keseley,

My clinical interests involve women’s healthcare and mental health symptom management related to mood and anxiety disorders, trauma, stress and coping.

MC Kunz,

I use bodywork to assist clients on the path to physical health and mental well-being.

Rick Laska,

I hope to help you find sexual health and mental health, however you define them!

Amanda Lindsey,

My professional experience includes expertise in crisis intervention and de-escalation, dual disorders, trauma, and family systems issues.

Kristine Martin,

I guide clients in creating awareness from a sensory level towards what it means to FEEL more peace and equanimity in their minds, bodies, and hearts.

Megan McGregor,

The decision to see a therapist is a very personal and often difficult choice to make. My hope is that the decision to schedule the first session is the hardest part of the process.

Erin Miller,
LADC, Master’s level Intern

My passion is working with the LGBTQ community helping individuals address issues such as addiction, sexual health, sexual compulsivity, and gender identity.

Joe Molinari,

My practice is rooted in kindness, compassion and respect.  If you are looking for change and healing, I would be honored to consult with you about moving forward.

Lola Osunkoya,

I have always taken a person-centered approach, trying to understand each of my clients within their family, community, and cultural contexts.

Matthew Ryan,

I operate from a person-centered approach, which emphasizes being genuine, providing unconditional positive regard, and emphatic understanding in the efforts to foster our therapeutic connection.

Leah Seeger,

If you are struggling, I want to hear your story. I bring patience, creativity, and a passion for understanding you to every session. Come as you are; we can figure out the next steps together.

Elizabeth (Zeb) Henderson Shreve,

I help people who are affected by the accumulated pain of stress, trauma and oppression. That pain can “show up” as depression, PTSD, self-harm, anxiety or difficulties in relationships.

Kamila Stafin,

I am a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT), experienced working with individuals, couples, and families. I create a warm empathetic atmosphere, providing ease and comfort to process feelings no matter how difficult.

Angie Star,

As a therapist I have had the privilege of watching numerous people experience the transformation that comes from having the courage to reach out for help.

Kristin Turner,

My approach to therapy focuses on the whole person including thoughts, emotions, physical health and wellness, behaviors, environment and relationships.

Kate West,

I am an unpretentious, funny, “real” therapist who’ll work hard to completely understand you.

Samantha Widman,

My primary goal is to make therapy a safe, collaborative space where choice and possibility are the most important pieces of our relationship.

Patricia White,

Together we can work on recognizing triggers and developing more effective responses to them. I believe you are the expert on your life.

Hanna Zipes,

When working with individuals, I treat the whole person. I take into consideration the individual’s environment as well as their emotional and physical health.

We’re Hiring

We’re always interested in meeting psychotherapists and interns ready to take the next step in their psychotherapy careers and live to the LLPW Mission Statement.