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We provide a collaborative, creative environment for providers to practice and grow clinically. Our independent contractors earn a generous percentage split and are able to focus on the services they provide rather than administrative details. We use a comprehensive, mental health EHR system and employ full-time administrative assistance for prompt and efficient claim submission/reimbursement.

We’re always interested in meeting psychotherapists, wellness providers and interns ready to take the next step in their psychotherapy careers and live to the LLPW Mission Statement.

Do you share our vision of a healthy, authentic, just and peaceful planet? Do resonate with our values? Do you bring a psychodynamic, relational approach to psychotherapy? Do you meet our qualifications of the Psychotherapist Job Desription or the qualifications for our Internship? Do you have an affinity with any of our specific Clinical Populations? Do have you experience with or can complement our current Competencies? Do you offer training and expertise that is consistent with that approach and can support, complement or expand our current eclectic Therapy Methods?

If so, we want to hear from you!

The best way to introduce yourself is to submit your resume address below, and be sure to get familiar with the information on this website. We give priority to responding to clients, so ask you please not to call us. But we do read every cover letter and resume.

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Therapy Careers: Send us your resume

Do you share our vision of a healthy, authentic, just and peaceful planet?

If yes, we’d love to hear from you. Please send your resume to  In the subject line please indicate what position you are interested in and include a little information about yourself with your email.

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If you’re committed to taking a strengths-based, relational approach, LLPW could be the perfect next step in your psychotherapy career.

Psychotherapist - Internship

We’re always interested in meeting aspiring psychotherapists ready to take the next step in their careers. Learn more about a psychotherapy internship with LLPW. 

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Psychiatric consultant/Nurse Practitioner

We are actively searching for a MD/ NP who can work with our clients to provide holistic psychiatric consultation and medication management. Please submit your resume.