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Lyn-Lake Psychotherapy & Wellness

Read about how Psychotherapy and Wellness process, and how it is defined by our Mission, Vision, and Values.

About Lyn-Lake Psychotherapy & Wellness

We are a mission-driven psychotherapy clinic unlike any other. Our vibrant group of psychotherapists and wellness providers have been serving the Minneapolis Lyn-Lake community and beyond and are experts in the field of psychotherapy, psychiatry, wellness, and nutrition. We staff dozens of experienced psychotherapists as well as dietitians/nutritionists, psychiatric nurse practitioners, and an acupuncturist. We provide outpatient mental health and wellness services in an easily accessible, beautiful, urban environment. Our clinicians focus on treating a wide array of therapy needs and populations. Our psychotherapy services focus on trauma, depression, anxiety, eating disorders, sex therapy, codependency, and addiction. Our clinical areas of focus and expertise include: LGBTQ concerns, pre and post natal, PTSD and trauma, Sex therapy, EMDR, DBT, Art Therapy, Narrative Therapy, Somatic-focused therapy, mindfulness and many others. Individuals, couples, and families of all backgrounds are welcome.

Mission, Vision, and Values

What you’ll experience at Lyn-Lake Psychotherapy & Wellness is what makes us unlike anything you’ve experienced before. Our psychotherapeutic and wellness services have been carefully integrated with our Mission, Vision, and Values by our experienced team of psychotherapists. It is our objective to ensure that every interaction with our talented team will help make the world a better place. For each of us at Lyn-Lake Psychotherapy & Wellness, no matter our specialties, interests, perspectives, or preferences in our practice we are about our process. The Mission serves as our map and guides us along the way through our psychotherapy and wellness journies. Next, our Vision sets the point on the horizon for which each of us strives. Lastly, our Values sustain us on the journey. We believe that if you join us and share in experiences of psychotherapy, wellness, mental and physical health we can make the world a better place.

Our Mission

To bring every client a greater sense of peace by guiding them to live more authentically; to co-create dynamic, unique relationships that empower each client to identify, value and express emotions.

Our Vision

A healthy, authentic, just and peaceful planet.

Our Values

Authenticity   –  having access to one’s true emotional self.

Courage  –   the acknowledgement that looking deep inside oneself can be scary, and that growing stronger first requires the openness and bravery to expose vulnerabilities.

Creativity  –   a sense of playfulness and curiosity that, even in the face of the most serious issues, opens access to new ways of thinking and healing.

Social Justice   –  emotional, political and social support and advocacy for those who are marginalized to achieve a universal system of equality, mutual expression and fairness.    

Empowerment  –   the shift from thinking of one’s self as a victim to someone with agency and the ability to make meaningful choices no matter the circumstances.

Integrity   –  moral, ethical conduct and honesty to one’s self and to others; integration of possibly maladaptive components of one’s personality into a coordinated, harmonious and functional whole; dynamic, purposeful integration of eclectic therapy methods to address the unique concerns of each individual client.

Relational  –   when therapist and client co-create a relationship that is free of hierarchy, bigger and separate from either therapist or client and strong and secure enough to strengthen other relationships.

Megan McGregor

The decision to see a therapist is a very personal and often difficult choice to make. My hope is that the decision to schedule the first session is the hardest part of the process.

Will Bohnen

We all need help from time to time. If this is you, you don’t need to do this alone. I will help you to figure out what isn’t working correctly in your life and together we can work to restore your quality of life by building greater coping skills.

MC Kunz

I use bodywork to assist clients on the path to physical health and mental well-being.

Hanna Zipes

When working with individuals, I treat the whole person. I take into consideration the individual’s environment, emotional and physical health.

Patricia White

Together we can work on recognizing triggers and developing more effective responses to them. I believe you are the expert on your life.

Rick Laska

I hope to help you find sexual health and mental health, however you define them!

Kristine Martin

I guide clients in creating awareness from a sensory level towards what it means to FEEL more peace and equanimity in their minds, bodies, and hearts.

Amy DiGennaro

I am an artist and therapist who can help you create the life you want using creative expression.

Kay Guidarelli

There is always something new to learn and I embrace this thought in y practice. I'm passionate about the work in my field.

Angie Star

As a therapist I have had the privilege of watching numerous people experience the transformation that comes from having the courage to reach out for help.

Xochitl Keseley

My clinical interests involve women’s healthcare and mental health symptom management related to mood and anxiety disorders, trauma, stress and coping.

Amanda Lindsey

My professional experience includes expertise in crisis intervention and de-escalation, dual disorders, trauma, and family systems issues.

Joe Molinari

My work is to support people in establishing a preferred way of interacting with the world and self, creating distance from the problem, and taking the steps towards the life they want.

Andrew Braum

You are the expert of your life experience and I will collaborate with you to create a life with a greater sense of authenticity and fulfillment.

Matt Ryan

I operate from a person-centered approach, which emphasizes being genuine, providing unconditional positive regard, and emphatic understanding in the efforts to foster our therapeutic connection.

Charles Kaltenberg

My approach to therapy is meeting the client where they are at, which means truly listening to the client’s needs and desires for creating a collaborative treatment plan.