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Lyn-Lake Psychotherapy & Wellness Training Offering
Friday January 24th, 2020
8:30- 10:30AM

The Developmental & Neurobiological Impact of Developmental Trauma

Presented by: Mariah Rooney O’Brien, LICSW, RYT

This workshop will provide an overview of the developmental impact of chronic childhood trauma, including definition and prevalence of child trauma; understanding of long-term consequences; an introduction to the complex trauma framework; and an overview of key process issues including developmental stage, the attachment system, functional domains of impairment, and alternative adaptations. Distressing symptoms and behaviors will be re-framed to emphasize adaptation to overwhelming life circumstances. Core underlying vulnerabilities such as difficulty with self-regulation and difficulty forming healthy attachment relationships will be emphasized over diagnostic/pathology-based formulations. Neuroanatomical and physiological impact will be linked to behavioral presentation.

Participants in this two-hour how training will:

• Learn a developmental pathways model about the impact of early experience•Gain basic understanding of ways traumatic experience impact brain functioning

• Understand the relationship between early trauma and long-term consequences.

• Be able to describe key processes relevant to the long-term impact of trauma, and the functional nature of adaptation.

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Please be advised, the 2020 training series has not been pre-approved for CEUs. Please contact your board directly to ensure trainings meet requirements for CEUs.


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Mariah Rooney, LICSW, RYT


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