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Our Services

LLPW's compassionate, relational approach to psychotherapy and wellness helps realize our goals of understanding the emotional and psychological origins of your problems and concerns. .


In addition to Individual Psychotherapy, LLPW’s other psychotherapy services include Couples Psychotherapy, Family Psychotherapy and Group Psychotherapy. And, no matter the treatment modality, you can expect the conversational tone and focus on connection consistent with our relational approach, as well as our psychodynamic focus on emotions, personal history and patterns.

Individual Therapy

LLPW offers an approach that is effective when either addressing short-term issues (such as work stress) or when taking a longer, deeper look at the emotional forces which affect your overall functioning. With relational therapy, the therapist and the client build a trusting, collaborative alliance to foster safety, growth and healing.


Couples Therapy

Our experienced therapists are trusted, either when the individuals seeking the help are addressing current relational stressors(such as a move or the birth of a child) or when they want to take a more process-oriented approach to increasing overall communication and intimacy.

Family Thearpy

We offer a safe place for some or all members of a family to congregate to discuss specific areas of conflict or to enhance overall communication skills. Therapists at LLPW are trained in a variety of family therapy modalities to assist your family in its healing journey.


The dynamic nature of a group can make group therapy a very effective setting to work on social and psychological issues, such as anxiety or depression. LLPW groups—ranging from Relapse Prevention, DBT and Mindfullness to Men’/Women’s Groups—allow clients to share mutual struggles in a safe environment and learn how to experience themselves within a larger context.

Nutrition Therapy and Consultation

Our registered Dietician works with individuals, families and groups to identify their needs and provide nutrition education to help them understand the importance of nutrition for their physical and emotional health. Nutrition is an integral part of health and recovery and our dietician works in collaboration with the client’s team of providers. Whether the focus is improving nutritional intake for chronic illness, weight management, disordered eating, athletic performance or mood disorders, the goal is to develop an individualized plan to help you reach your goals.

Massage Therapy/Healing Bodywork/Mindfulness Practice

Bodywork can assist clients on the path toward physical health and mental well-being. Bodywork, Yoga and mindfulness practices help clients connect with and tap into the wisdom of the body and can be especially helpful to those emerging from trauma who may need to build or rebuild a relationship with safe touch. This connection to the body provides a foundation for greater ease in the exploration of the mind and one’s relationship to self, others and life in general.

Medication Consultation

Psychotherapy in conjunction with Psychotropic medication can be an effective protocol in mitigating symptoms associated with trauma, anxiety and depression, among other mental health conditions. Our nurse practitioner is trained to work with the whole person and collaborate with your existing therapist. In turn, we require that individuals who seek psychiatric consultation be in active psychotherapy and have seen their current therapist a minimum of three times.

Curious about how we can help?

Understanding our relational approach can give you a sense of how psychotherapy can help.

Clinician Services

A range of clinician services makes LLPW’s insights and experience with a relational approach, as well as specific expertise (eating disorders, LBGQT, etc.), available to seasoned clinicians, license-seekers and interns. Clinical services include Presentation & Training, Clinical Consultation and Clinical Supervision from a board-certified licensing supervisor.

Clinical Consultation

The value of an outside perspective and ongoing support makes clinical consultation a best practice for clinicians committed to providing clients with the best possible treatment.


Check back soon for details about LLPW’s ongoing training services.


Request a board-certified licensing supervisor to be part of your licensing process or to monitor your sessions.  These sessions are scheduled on an individual basis.

Our Team

It’s our range of experience that helps our clients benefit from treatment that’s as unique as they are.

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