Clinician Services

A range of clinician services are available to seasoned clinicians, license-seekers and interns. Clinical services include Presentation & Training, Clinical Consultation and Clinical Supervision from board-certified licensing supervisors.

List of Clinician Services

Clinical Consultation

The value of an outside perspective and ongoing support makes clinical consultation a best practice for clinicians committed to providing clients with the best possible treatment.

No matter how much experience you may have as a clinician, the needs of your clients can take you into unfamiliar areas. Or, you may find yourself getting too close to a case and in need of a qualified, outside perspective. Whether you seek specific expertise or just a set of “fresh eyes,” LLPW can provide clinical consultation to meet your specific needs.

LLPW typically conducts clinical consultation at its Uptown psychotherapy office, although we have used phone sessions to share our specific expertise with clinicians nationally. Phone sessions sometimes may be appropriate locally when addressing specific concerns.

Clinical Consultation to Meet a Challenge

One or a few clinical consultation sessions may be just what you need to move past a specific challenge.

To keep you and your clients’ session moving forward, LLPW offers expertise in areas and with populations that include eating disorders, couple’s therapy, narrative therapy, DBT, mindful meditation, LGBTQ issues and more.

Clinical Consultation for Self-care, Growth

Ongoing clinical consultation helps when addressing recurrent issues in certain cases or by sustaining your practice with continuing support.

Clinical consultation with LLPW can help if ever your clients are dealing with issues (such as an eating disorder or sexual orientation) that are secondary to your work with them and outside your area of expertise.

LLPW’s relational approach also can make ongoing clinical consultation a valuable source of support. Sole practitioners especially can find periodic, ongoing consultation a vital component of self-care..


Several of the therapists at LLPW are Board-certified in their disciplines to provide supervision hours and the appropriate documentation required for licensure.  Please fill out a form to inquire more about which LLPW supervision services are available. Supervision and associated fees are arranged on an individual basis.


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