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Lyn-Lake Psychotherapy & Wellness Training Offering
Friday February 28th, 2020
8:30 AM – 10:30 AM

Sex and Self-Image

Presented by: Hanna Zipes, MSW, LICSW, LADC

Body image issues can affect all domains of sexual functioning. Body image concerns and body dissatisfaction can hamper sexual satisfaction through reducing sexual desire, sexual arousal, and the pleasure and enjoyment that a person feels during sexual activity.

This workshop will focus on understanding how cultural, experiential and biological factors affect how people feel about their bodies, and how negative body image is a main cause of pleasure anxiety. We will discuss the relationship between pleasure, anxiety, and body discrimination, and how this can impede one’s sexual relationship with self and others. Interventions will be introduced for working with clients to heal body image and reduce pleasure anxiety.

Participants in this two-hour how training will learn:

  • How social constructs, media and religion inform client’s sense of self regarding body image, obtainment of sexual pleasure, and engagement in relationships
  • Summaries of two counseling interventions for body image healing
  • The relationship between negative body image and pleasure anxiety
  • Mindfulness and explain why it is a foundational skill for body image healing
  • To describe the role body image plays with self-esteem and sexual health

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Please be advised, the 2020 training series has not been pre-approved for CEUs. Please contact your board directly to ensure trainings meet requirements for CEUs.


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Hanna Zipes, MSW, LICSW, LADC


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