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Our psychotherapists bring a range of expertise to our strengths-based, relational, approach. With training and experience that spans addiction, art therapy, eating disorders, gender identity, mood disorders, sex therapy, EMDR, somatic-based psychology and beyond, each LLPW psychotherapist contributes a unique perspective to our varied therapy methods. It's that range of experience that helps our clients benefit from treatment that's as unique as they are.

Hanna Zipes

Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker & Licensed Alcohol and Drug Counselor

When working with individuals, I treat the whole person. I take into consideration the individual’s environment as well as their emotional and physical health.

I hold a strengths-based and non-pathologizing approach to people and their challenges. I believe we all possess intrinsic health. I operate from a humanistic perspective, acknowledging that we all inevitably encounter difficulties in our lives, but how we work with them and make meaning is key. I offer a compassionate, nonjudgmental, and collaborative space for you to comfortably and safely explore your challenges and to try on new ways of being in the world. I meet you where you are, and together we navigate your world. Therapy is never a one-size-fits-all model. I believe that personal experiences are embedded in social-cultural-political contexts and I encourage exploration of gender-role socialization, power issues in relationship, and other factors in the environment that play an important role in shaping people’s identities, self-perceptions, choices, and behaviors. I believe clients are the real experts of themselves and my role as the therapist is not to stay aloof behind the “expert” role, but to be a real and authentic human being, to be present in such a way that people are truly empowered to find their unique voices and expand the range of possibilities in their lives.

My goals as a therapist are to connect with people, honoring their own experiences, stories, backgrounds and needs. I see my role in therapy as helping my clients discover and strengthen their own abilities and supporting them in the process of creating and defining the life they most like to live. We do so by exploring new skills, behaviors, perspectives, insights and narratives together, without judgement. My personal values focus on an openness to more than one truth, the ability within each individual and family to heal, adapt and grow, and the merit of self-compassion and self-awareness. I am most passionate about working with individuals and couples who would like to improve their relationships, and form more adaptive and fulfilling relationships to their own emotions, thoughts, beliefs and environments. I believe the process of doing so is just as valuable as the goal itself. Above all, I believe in humor, sincerity, and acceptance.

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It's our range of experience that helps our clients benefit from treatment that's as unique as they are.

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Understanding our relational  approach can give you a sense of how psychotherapy can help. Unlike counseling and other types of therapy, it takes a perspective that’s both deeper and broader. By focusing on emotions, it seeks to discover hidden pieces of who you are and then to understand how those pieces fit together.