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Our psychotherapists bring a range of expertise to our strengths-based, relational, approach. With training and experience that spans addiction, art therapy, eating disorders, gender identity, mood disorders, sex therapy, EMDR, somatic-based psychology and beyond, each LLPW psychotherapist contributes a unique perspective to our varied therapy methods. It's that range of experience that helps our clients benefit from treatment that's as unique as they are.

Laura Pawlik

Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor

I provide a space that allows for unfiltered self-exploration, healing, and growth.

Oftentimes, people seek out therapy because they want to heal from past experiences. In order to heal, we need to feel comfortable enough to be vulnerable and to let someone really see us. This is why the therapeutic relationship is so important. I will prioritize getting to know you as a whole person and creating a safe space for you to explore and grow. I realize how difficult it can be to come to therapy and talk about the ways you are hurting or struggling. Showing up and being honest takes courage, and I will meet your courage with openness, consistency, and compassion.

I most often work with individuals who have experienced trauma, including various types of abuse, sexual trauma, abandonment, and attachment trauma. I work with many individuals within the LGBTQ community and with issues related to depression, anxiety, relationship issues, and identity concerns. I have training in Sensorimotor Psychotherapy – a body oriented approach to healing trauma and Dialectical Behavior Therapy or DBT – a skills based therapy that addresses difficulties with managing emotions and relationships.

My approach as a therapist is holistic and integrates mind, body, and emotions. I find that trauma and attachment wounds are often at the root of clients’ struggles and I work to examine how individuals have been impacted by traumatic experiences as well as their early relationships. I provide a space that allows for unfiltered self-exploration and personal growth. Every person is unique and you can expect that your therapeutic experience will be specific to you and your needs. I look forward to the chance to work with you as you heal and understand yourself more deeply.


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It's our range of experience that helps our clients benefit from treatment that's as unique as they are.

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Understanding our relational  approach can give you a sense of how psychotherapy can help. Unlike counseling and other types of therapy, it takes a perspective that’s both deeper and broader. By focusing on emotions, it seeks to discover hidden pieces of who you are and then to understand how those pieces fit together.