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Our psychotherapists bring a range of expertise to our strengths-based, relational, approach. With training and experience that spans addiction, art therapy, eating disorders, gender identity, mood disorders, sex therapy, EMDR, somatic-based psychology and beyond, each LLPW psychotherapist contributes a unique perspective to our varied therapy methods. It's that range of experience that helps our clients benefit from treatment that's as unique as they are.

Melissa Turgeon

Board Certified Art Therapist

I am Board Certified Art Therapist, who has a passion to utilize the creative arts to deepen self-expression, build relationships and process through difficult life transitions.

I am a Psychotherapist and Board Certified Art Therapist with over 12-years of experience working with children ages 2-18, in a variety of settings, including chronic illness, trauma, and anxiety issues. In addition to working with children, I have worked with adults with cancer and concerns with parenting through cancer, pain management, and end-of-life.

My approach includes working with imagery, story-making and the creative process. You may choose to engage in art or you may not. I emphasize an approach of curiosity, with no judgements, to access your own coping mechanisms and personal strengths. I utilize psychodynamic techniques to help you identify and work through obstacles that make you feel overwhelmed or stuck about how to move forward.

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It's our range of experience that helps our clients benefit from treatment that's as unique as they are.

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Understanding our relational  approach can give you a sense of how psychotherapy can help. Unlike counseling and other types of therapy, it takes a perspective that’s both deeper and broader. By focusing on emotions, it seeks to discover hidden pieces of who you are and then to understand how those pieces fit together.