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Our psychotherapists bring a range of expertise to our strengths-based, relational, approach. With training and experience that spans addiction, art therapy, eating disorders, gender identity, mood disorders, sex therapy, EMDR, somatic-based psychology and beyond, each LLPW psychotherapist contributes a unique perspective to our varied therapy methods. It's that range of experience that helps our clients benefit from treatment that's as unique as they are.

Shodo Spring

Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker

When life gets hard, you need all your resources. I can help you access your own wisdom, strength, and courage, and reach out to those around you as well.

If you are alive, you hold within you wisdom, strength, love, and joy. I am a psychotherapist with a focus on joy, intimacy, spirituality, and empowerment. I work with people rather than problems, and with the whole person not just the mind. Still, I have special training and interest in:

  • Reducing anxiety and depression related to climate change or other immediate threats
  • Helping activists be true to themselves, fully resourced, and effective in their work
  • Recovery from trauma of all kinds
  • Grief, loss, aging, chronic pain or illness.

Most of us live with a deep disconnection from ourselves – from our families, our communities, and our own deepest longings. My core work is to help you heal that disconnection and discover what it can feel like to be whole again. We do this together, in the context of addressing your immediate issues, and within a relationship that is respectful, compassionate, and nourishing. It is a privilege to accompany a person in this way.  I honor the work both by gathering skills and by staying grounded and open myself. I’ve done extensive training in mindfulness, in cultural awareness, in holistic approaches to healing (particularly Hakomi and Process Work), and in communication. Depending on your needs and wishes, we may use mindfulness and meditation training, somatic awareness, forgiveness, effectiveness training (including communication, problem-solving, and more), and/or gathering resources. Outside of therapy I practice and teach Zen, love the natural world, and am actively engaged in learning from many cultures. I wrote Take Up Your Life: Making Spirituality Work in the Real World (1996) and recent essays and articles on similar topics.

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It's our range of experience that helps our clients benefit from treatment that's as unique as they are.

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Understanding our relational  approach can give you a sense of how psychotherapy can help. Unlike counseling and other types of therapy, it takes a perspective that’s both deeper and broader. By focusing on emotions, it seeks to discover hidden pieces of who you are and then to understand how those pieces fit together.