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Your First Appointment

Your first session or diagnostic assessment will last a little under an hour. Please be sure to complete all forms emailed to you via our secure electronic records kiosk prior to your first appointment.

Important preparations

Contact your insurance company’s member services or employer’s human resources department to confirm that Lyn-Lake Psychotherapy & Wellness is in-network.

If Lyn-Lake Psychotherapy & Wellness is not in-network, please contact us to confirm and review your options.

Please complete all forms kiosked to your email via our secure electronic health records system.

Please review all of our policies and procedures: Review policies and procedures

  • Completed forms
  • Government-issued ID
  • Insurance card

Understanding Your Unique Narrative

At your first appointment we’ll begin with what you’ve come to address. You’ll have a chance to explain any problems you are having. Expect your therapist to help you name each issue, articulate them and to begin to understand your unique narrative.

To learn more about that narrative, your psychotherapist will ask questions. Is the current issue isolated, reflective of events in your life right now? Or, is there a pattern of recurrent issues, nagging feelings, problematic behavior and troubled relationships? Your therapist also may use such diagnostic instruments as depression, anxiety or eating disorder inventories.

This is also your chance to ask questions. Expect your therapist to give clear, straight-forward answers.

Forging the Therapeutic Alliance

The first session also is the beginning of the therapeutic alliance that is central to LLPW’s relational approach. You and your therapist are setting initial treatment goals. You’re getting a sense of whether those goals can be accomplished in the short or longer term.

You’re also getting a sense of each other. Forging a strong working relationship takes longer than a single session, of course, but the hope is that, by session’s end, both you and your psychotherapist sense the foundation of a therapeutic alliance.

Subsequent sessions last either 45 or 53 minutes, depending on your need, preference and on what your insurance will cover.

your first therapy appointment