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Wellness Services

LLPW offers a wide range of Wellness services with diverse clinicians. Flexible daytime and evening appointments are available to help accommodate your varied schedules; sessions are held in a beautiful, modern office environment.

List of Wellness Services

Nutrition Services

Our registered Dieticians works with individuals, families and groups to identify their needs and provide nutrition education to help them understand the importance of nutrition for their physical and emotional health. Nutrition is an integral part of health and recovery and our dieticians works in collaboration with the client’s team of providers. Whether the focus is improving nutritional intake for chronic illness, weight management, disordered eating, athletic performance or mood disorders, the goal is to develop an individualized plan to help you reach your goals.


Acupuncture supports clients by offering the experience of balancing emotional and physical health in the body.  It offers a distinct lens for interpreting experiences both physical and emotional and tracking how healing occurs for a particular person.  Connecting to one’s own health and innate ability to heal through relaxed therapeutic rest with acupuncture needles can open up new areas for growth or support healing old areas of distress or stagnation.  In these ways it can support the work that client’s are currently doing with their therapist and offer an adjunct support if physical or emotional symptoms are feeling stuck or particularly challenging.

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